We use CopyGuard vinyl in all of our Professional sleeve products to ensure long-term protection of your inserted material.

How's it work?
Regular vinyl is very smooth and can stick to your inserted bookmark, photo or card. For short-term use, this is normally not an issue, but over time, normal environmental temperature changes can cause condensation (moister) to form within the enclosed vinyl sleeve. When consensation forms between the inserted material and the vinyl, it can make the insert adhere to the vinyl and damage it when removed. You may have seen this issue with old photo albums where if a photo is removed, part of it sticks to the plastic cover and damages the photo, by leaving part of it stuck on the plastic.

With CopyGuard, your inserts are protected against this kind of damage. CopyGuard vinyl is a bit rough (not perfectly smooth) and therefore protects the insert from sticking to the vinyl by reducing the surface contact. It does not interfere, in any way, with the clear display of the insert. CopyGuard vinyl is more expensive than regular vinyl, but if you want a professional product, it's the only way to go!